KeepACoin – Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in the KeepACoin! If you are looking at a custom job, we am happy to provide you with a virtual sample with your logo on it prior to placing your order.

We also have stock options that you can choose from lowering your front end costs.


Our fundraising jobs range from people wanting top create a few hundred dollars, to those wanting to raise thousands. Either way this unique item will keep people supporting your fundraiser like nothing else.

Our Customers

We have a range of customers in this space, from non-profits, to schools, to sports teams, dance teams, churches and the like. We also do custom jobs where our promo division is fundraising for a great cause, which helps with distribution and is great for exposure and results.


Please enter your contact info below and we will send you full information on our easy program. Add the easy into your fundraising today!