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We pride ourselves for providing great quality products at a great price. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call toll free 1.844.612.4326. Chances are we can do it! We will do our best to exceed your expectations every single time.

Home of the KeepACoins – your grocery cart solution

With two divisions: corporate branding and fund raising, the KeepACoins are a unique item that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

For over 10 years, we have been helping customers create new business relationships, say thank you to staff, create referral opportunities with this unique key tag.

Our fundraising department has been skilled in helping generate thousands of dollars for a wide variety of different projects, including but not limited to sports teams, non-profits, schools, Victim services and the like. If you have a fundraising goal, we have a solution!


For everyday use our most popular item in both business promotion and fundraising


Leader in Corporate Branding

Serving all types of companies, bringing the unique great quality look to show your customers, that you care, all while keeping it affordable to you. We range from car dealers to mortgage brokers, to realtors and dentists. Given our diverse set of products, we aim to provide a lasting impression for years to come. Looking for ideas? Call us! The opportunities are endless.


Please email sales@keytagscompany.com or call 1.844.612.4326 and hear more about how our fundraising program can work for you.

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We are experienced. We are not only supply top-notch  key chains, but we have extensive experience and knowledge to help you create or implement a program. That’s what we do. We want to work with you and help your organization grow. No matter what the application, this is guaranteed to get many looks and long term value.


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