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Putting the EASY into your marketing:

What are you purchasing when you buy the KeepACoins?

  • You are buying the response you get from this unique item. This becomes a water cooler conversation piece, a referral generator and definately improves retention of your clients for your business. What other promo item can you guarantee your clients will use 1-2 times a week for the rest of their lives?


Ordering process:

  • When ordering the combo you have 4 sides to design. When ordering the single coin, you have 2 sides to design.
  • The opportunities are endless. We will colour match your logo upon request for free and provide full colour at no extra cost.
  • Choose from gold or silver for the coin and we will handle the rest.
  • You also have another opportunity to market yourself with the packaging. This allows great presentation and also provides a standard message on the back to explain what the KeepACoins do.
  • You can save some money on set-up by ordering stock designs on the coins. Ask about our different options!


 How are you going to separate yourself from your competition?

  • How you show up one place is how you show up everywhere in life. Why not make it easy on yourself to set yourself up as a company who looks after their clients?


Have some fun with it!

  • Something that has always proven to be true is giving someone two KeepACoins; one for them to keep and one to give to someone they know that could use your services right away! Show your prospects and clients another way you provide value, over and over, every time they visit a grocery store.


Some extra handy info:

  • Feel free to browse through the artwork samples or contact the office to discuss your artwork needs. All orders go through a proofing process prior to production.
  • Orders of 500+ qualify for special pricing most of the time and can be grouped with other orders not related to you. Make sure to ask about details on this when placing your order.
  • We help many offices that have agents group their orders together to save on cost. Ask us how today.


 This item is for you if:

  • You are looking for ways to generate referrals
  • You are looking to increase the retention in your business
  • You are wanting to leave a lasting impression and have your clients be reminded of you for years to come


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Where/Who can you distribute?

  • Client gift
  • Golf tournaments
  • Special Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Open houses
  • Door knocking gift 
  • Solid prospects
  • Some people even use as a business card!
  • give to your clients to generate referrals
  • keep them handy all the time (keep a bag in your car)


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